Fishers maintain marina calls from 9am to 8pm weekdays while in Halifax the calls are 8am to 5pm on weekdays and 6am to 4pm on Saturdays

Fishers maintain marina calls from 9am to 8pm weekdays while in Halifax the calls are 8am to 5pm on weekdays and 6am to 4pm on Saturdays. They also offer boat-lift rentals for groups of 20 or more on Tuesdays in November (subject to availability), Wednesdays in August (till 7.30pm), Fridays in December (12pm to 3pm), Mondays, Thursdays and Tuesdays in February (till 5pm) and from September 10 to 20 (till 7.30pm).

At the Halifax Marina, boaters call directly from our boating and boat storage room in the centre of the marina (located in the west end of the Marina). Phone: 867-856-4741, email: and boat rental number: 978-748-4633.

The Marina offers boat and dock rentals at a discount from the regular rates of 울산안마$250 a day for group of 20 or more passengers. Contact our boaters for more information about boat rentals.


Located off Main Street and in front of the Halifax Harbour Bridge. Ditchy docks are available for boat rentals, but only during the hours when the Marina is open.

Ditchy is open to the public every day of the week (weekdays 9am to 5pm) except on weekends when Ditchy is closed. The boat rental at Ditchy costs $250 per day per vehicle, inclusive of the boat locker fees. Ditchy also offers car rental fees for groups of two or three people for $100 per vehicle per day, inclusive of the car locker fees. Call for details.

For more information: call (717) 857-5306, emai포항출장샵 포항출장마사지l:

Lighthouse Point Beach

The lighthouse pier has become one of the Halifax’s favorite spots for picnics and picnics, especially during the spring months, when tides 슬롯 머신are at their strongest. The beach is also a great picnic area for the whole family to enjoy, particularly when there are visitors from nearby communities.

Lighthouse Point Beach has boat rentals for groups of ten, or up to ten people, from 10am to 6pm (weekdays, 7.30am – 5.30pm). Call the boat rental office to make an appointment.

Call the Boat rental office directly at 867-854-355

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