Fiji praised for democratic moves after first day in office

Fiji praised for democratic moves after first day in office

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon announced the United Nations was moving ahead with two peacekeeping missions in the Democratic Republic of Congo with support from Fiji.

The UN and Fiji announced on Wednesday it planned to launch a UN peacekeeping mission as soon as February as part of its wider plan to secure peace in the country.

It said in a statement it was “delighted to work with Fiji to achieve peace in Congo and build a new, stable, sovereign country”.

The first UN peacekeeping mission in the former Democratic Republic of Congo is due to launch in January 2016.

The first three peacekeeping missions since the end of the Rwandan genocide ended without a trace in March 2014 after the Rwandan army pushed through a deal with the Tutsi minority and their Hutu allies to end conflict.

But UN peacekeepers have been battling슈퍼 카지노 both Tutsi and Hutu militia, mainly the DRC’s Tutsi-dominated military, in the region for five years.

Fiji, which took on more than 5,500 Rwandan militar마사지 후기y personnel in a conflict it lost in the early 1990s to the UN-backed transitional governmen룰렛t in the country, said it supported the UN plan for peacekeeping.

“All Fiji’s citizens are welcome to come to peacekeeping operations,” it said.

Coffs harbour’s old courthouse sells for less than expected

Coffs harbour’s old courthouse sells for less than expected! A grand opening has been 바카라사이트scheduled for today.

After a couple days of construction 우리카지노and construction work, the old courthouse now opens to the public. On this day and in the next there are open days to visit the building and other historical ex바카라사이트hibits.

Also, there is a family fun and crafts program for the entire family. The fun includes children’s craft activities ranging from paper crafts to paint, car show cars, food truck and more. They will be coming through and the children’s activities will be available to ride for the entire family (18-49) for a discount.

The Historic Museum is now fully operational!