Cronulla retaliation accused withdraws bail to avoid jail time

Cronulla retaliation accused withdraws bail to avoid jail time

Bail was reportedly sought by Cronulla, but on Sunday morning, a bail application was withdrawn by the player’s legal team because he refused to accept a 15-month jail term for striking coach Ricky Stuart at a pre-season game.

The 23-year-old defender, who was fined $5,000 for his action, was originally set to appear before the NSW Magistrates Court on Monday in relation to his altercation with referee John McCallum.

The court heard Cronulla had informed the Sharks earlier in the week that they were dropping their appeal against a $2,000 sanction but the issue had not been fully resolved.

On Sunday night, the Sharks agreed to release their defender.

“We wanted to get some closure, we got closure yesterday. In his bid to continue with the case, we were willing to take that time and give him a fair opportunity to sit and sit through some of the charges that are out there against him,” Sharks defence director of sport Shane Flanagan said on Sunday night.

“Obviously it’s been disappointing at times to take on that burden, but to have the player’s interest as well as the player’s wish to have a bail conditions that weren’t applied… we took that decision and I’m happy for him to move on.”

It is understood the NRL’s competition autho구미안마rities had been monitoring the case for weeks.

media_camera Josh Hodgson takes a hit from Matt Moylan. Picture: David Mack

Hodgson was caught on video pushing Moylan into a fence as the NRL defender stood at the defence line during the Sharks’ 31-22 win. Moylan, 24, is believed to have made온라인 카지노 con용인출장샵tact with Cronulla skipper Brad Arthur.

According to reports, Moylan had originally been scheduled to be fined $30,000 after being given an “indefinite suspension” in a report written by match review panel chairman Peter McCauley on Friday.

A week later, the Sharks were ordered to pay Moylan an additional $3,000 for the damage the forward sustained after being knocked into the turf while trying to help his team-mate after being knocked off the inside of the fence by teammate Paul Gallen.

Us to tackle china on currency peg

Us to tackle china on currency peg

China’s central bank has warned that the country must continue to play a central role in keeping the yuan stable as the yuan continues to fall against the U.S. dollar.

Speaking at a briefing in Beijing, the central bank’s deputy director, Geng Jialing, said the currency crisis was causing “significant concern” and adding that China was making clear that “the yuan must stabilise and become more market-like in some circumstances”.

The currency turmoil has hurt Chinese cons바카라umers who have been hit with a 20% rise in energy costs, an 11% decline in hotel prices and an 8% increase in electricity prices.

“The central bank believes the current situation has been of serious concern,” he said.

However, when it came to the future of the yuan, the deputy said: “We have no clear plan on how to handle that situation or how we could maintain the yuan’s peg. This is something that has to be discussed with the international community.”

In September, China’s central bank, the Peopl더킹카지노e’s Bank of China, cut the yuan’s value by a quarter, following what it said was a “clear deterioration in the economic performance of the economy” and a weakening of the economic outlook.

The currency is currently trading at 1.3612 against the dollar. But the Chinese currency has already fallen by hal카지노 사이트f a cent against the greenback against the dollar this month and another quarter to the dollar could further weaken the peg.

Analysts have suggested that the yuan could fall back towards the US dollar if the world’s largest economy finds that no additional measures by Beijing are forthcoming.

China’s president, Xi Jinping, has said it is time to move beyond the economic and political stagnation that has left so many with no choice but to use “self-saving” and “private enterprise” as key ways to get out of poverty and to become self-reliant.