The drum wednesday april 13th at 9 PM

The drum wednesday april 13th at 9 PM. This event will be closed to the general public.

Grape Jam

9:00PM-12:00AM, April 13, 2018

Ottawa Botanic Gardens

5549 James St West

Join us for this free event featuring a musical jam at the Ottawa Botanic Gardens, where you can enjoy music in a way that will leave your mind buzzing in anticipation for tomorrow! Join us for an evening full of music to raise money and awareness to prevent climate change, and to promote awareness in other regions.

Downtown Rideout

9:00AM-2:00AM, April 16, 2018

The Depot

1625 Sherbourne Street West

The Depot will be bringing an all-new ride to the downtown Ottawa area, this ride is fun, family friendly, and guaranteed to please. The Depot Rideout will take place starting at 9am at the Depot parking lot on Sherbourne Street North. The ride will begin by taking the Metro Yellow Line to Depot and then head west on Sherbourne. The ride will pass several attractions in the area including the Depot Metro Hotel, Metro Hotel and some great shops. This unique ride will be $퍼스트 카지노15 each, $10 off regular Ride Out fare and the D모바일 카지노epot will donate the proceeds to the Make a Difference and Urban Habitat programs.

Join me as I give away a Ride Out bike helmet (1 for every 4 riders).

Laneway Cafe & Pub

4:30PM-7:30PM, April 16, 2018

Laneway Restaurant and Bar

1400 Parliament Avenue West, Weston

Laneway Cafe & Pub is thrilled to present one of its signature pub brunches: a drink-and-play party where 속초출장안마we will present you a list of local, national and international breweries in advance of their official brew day! The brews to be selected are:

Festival of Good Beer

Beer by the People

Dockyard Ale

Pipeworks Beer

Dirty Bastard

Brunswick Brewery

Rage beer from a brewery you’ve probably never heard of

We will announce the brews and will start the party at 5pm. We will then announce beer available at 4pm. Please bring a bottle or pint glass for the event.

For more details on this event, including a full schedule, visit