Council considers charging for library services

Council considers charging for더킹카지노 library services


The Portland Public Library Board of Directors unanimously approved a policy change that allows the Portland Public Library to levy a charge to cover the cost of library books and records at its locations and to cover the cost of acce우리카지노ss to library resources if there is an active library in a neighborhood. The library has already begun charging a fee for access to its services and may further charge to support a library service after the proposed policy is adopted. The policy change would be phased in over time to promote an open public library, where all of the library services are open and accessible to patrons. The policy change applies to library personnel who maintain, install, operate, or use libraries or related services at any library branch, with exceptions allowing the use of services not currently within the scope of the library’s business. Library staff and library members also could be charged for access to library resources as long as those resources are available within reasonable hours of the staff or library member’s location.

The proposal by the Portland Public Library Board of Directors was approved by the full library board on May 23, 2015 with three votes out of seven, a change that would open the possibility of the Portland Public Library considering the possibility of charging for certain services related to the library’s library system.

Read the Portland Public Library Board’s full board decision

About the Library Board’s decision to levy a library service charge for the use of libraries

The Portland Public Library Board of Directors unanimously adopted and published its 2015 annual budget plan that is consistent with the library’s mission and operations, including the inclusion of specific information about its existing service charges for books and records.

We have worked tirelessly to build a long-term, sustainable, and flexible financial model for the Portland Public Library, and a charge would help us do just that. The 2015 annual budget proposes an ongoing charge at all of our services and collections: including a charging mechanism for the Portland Public Library to help ensure the right access to the library services we have historically provided in our community. We plan to follow through with this strategy.

Librarians across the city have asked for more information about their experiences at the library and how they are using our services. We know libraries can be a challenging place to be for all of our patrons, but we want to make sure that we will continue to serve all who call this library home. This policy change also provides a common ground for bjarvees.comoth the library and all community-based and community-oriented agencies and organizations.

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